Behavioral Expectations
Any behavior that can be described as rude, obscene, offensive, ill-mannered, disrespectful, disorderly, disturbing, disrupting, interrupting, or any illegal activity, which may cause an inconvenience to others or hinders our normal business activity shall be prohibited. Examples of prohibited behavior are listed below but are not limited to:

  • Failure to respond to a reasonable request or direction from a Bayshore Staff employee.
  • Loitering – Includes inactivity, blocking access, hindering movement, and/or failure to move to a dining, entertainment or retail venue. This also includes loitering in vehicles.
  • Congregating in groups larger than (4).
  • Fighting, causing/promoting a fight, riotous behavior that may cause panic or disruption.
  • Standing, walking, dancing, or sitting which may cause an inconvenience to others. This can be described as anyone blocking a walkway, stairway, door way, store front, or common areas of the property.
  • Cruising on foot or in vehicles or non purposeful behavior.
  • The use of offensive language such as swear words or racial slurs as well as inappropriate hand gestures, including but not restricted to gang signs or symbols, loud or boisterous behavior, or throwing of objects.
  • Running, jumping, yelling, skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, hoverboards, riding bikes/scooters on sidewalks, climbing on Bayshore property, or sitting in non designated areas.
  • The playing of music on any electronic device or instrument that may cause a disruption or disturbance.
  • Vehicle/Motorcycle stereos playing too loud.
  • No unauthorized photography or video/audio taping permitted.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn properly at all times and cannot contain offensive messages, words, pictures, symbols, etc.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Failure to present photo identification with proof of age for the purpose of enforcing rules, information gathering, and the enforcement of curfew.
  • Weapons or any other type of contraband are not permitted on the property.
  • All persons under the age of 18 are expected to be in school during school hours.
  • Underage smoking or drinking is not permitted.
  • Soliciting, panhandling, including the exchange of personal information, picketing or literature distribution.
  • No pets - Only animals in the company of and trained to assist physically challenged persons are permitted on Bayshore Town Center property.

Parent Escort Policy

Youth 17 and under may not remain in public spaces of Bayshore Town Center after 3:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 21 or older. Violators of this code may be subject to expulsion, banning, arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and if you have any questions, please contact our Mall Office at 414.332.8136 or Security at 414.906.8054