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Monday - Saturday
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Individual store hours may vary



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AC Zuckerman Jewelers5734 N. Bayshore Drive (414) 962-5209

Ace Shoe Clinic5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-4300

Acupuncture and Holistic Health Associates500 West Silver Spring Drive Suite K205(414) 332-8888

Aéropostale5789 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-2676

Aldo Shoes5790 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-9384

American Eagle Outfitters5785 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-9318

Apple Store5715 N. Centerpark Way(414) 977-3410

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar5810 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-0100

Artisans of Morocco 5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 962-4742

Athleta5691 N.Centerpark Way(414) 906-0495

Auntie Anne's5800 N. Bayshore Drive, Suite Q134 (414) 967-1015

Aversa5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-9963

Banana Republic495 W. Northshore Drive(414) 906-8990

Bank Mutual 5784 N. Port Washington Road(414) 961-0600

Bar Louie5750 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 831-2700

bareMinerals5676 N. Centerpark Way(414) 962-0272

Barnes & Noble5755 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-1610

Bath & Body Works5698 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-2711

Bayshore Tailor5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 962-9755

BD's Mongolian Grill598 W. Northshore Drive(414) 906-0300

bebe5675 N. Centerpark Way(414) 962-2323

Big Daddy’s Brew & Que 5750 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 203-0404

Board Game Barrister5800 N. Bayshore Dr, Suite A115(414) 963-2100

Boston Store5701 N. Lydell Avenue(414) 962-6006

Brooks Brothers5700 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-0893

Bryant & Stratton College500 W Silver Spring Drive, Suite K340(414) 961-9600

Buffalo Wild Wings590 W. Northshore Drive(262)-369-1600

California Pizza Kitchen5665 N. Centerpark Way(414) 967-8088

Cell Fashion Boutique5800 N. Bayshore Dr, Suite A110 (414) 962-0200

Champs Sports5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-9230

Charlotte Russe5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-2980

Charming Charlie516 W Silver Spring Dr(414) 967-1357

Cheesecake Factory5799 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 906-8550

Chico's5735 N. Centerpark Way(414) 540-6625

Chocolate Factory5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 962-6770

Claire's5786 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 964-6865

Clarks5738 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 962-3490

Colectivo Coffee5735 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-5754

Danny Vegh's540 W. Silver Spring Drive(414) 963-1822

dELiA*s5770 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-9201

Delicately Delicious5800 N Bayshore Drive

Devon Seafood + Steaks5715 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-9790

Edible Arrangements460 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite K--116 (414) 988-9423

Erehwon Mountain Outfitters 585 W. Glen Bay Avenue(414) 332-9000

Express525 W Northshore Drive (414) 455-0002

Exquisite Threading5760 North Port Washington Road(414) 332-5000

Extreme Accessories 5800 N Bayshore Drive(414) 906-4519

Fiddleheads Coffee Roasters 5600 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-4880

Five Guys Burgers & Fries5650 N. Port Washington Rd.(414) 962-3560

Foot Locker5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 961-6961

Forever 215766 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-0193

Fossil5712 N. Centerpark Way(414) 967-4863

Francesca’s Collection5709 N Centerpark Way(414) 906-8568

Frooties5800 N Bayshore Dr.(414) 698-2304

GameStop5660 N Port Washington Rd(414) 967-5690

GAP401 W. Northshore Drive(414) 963-4547

GAPKids / BabyGAP401 W. Northshore Drive(414) 963-4547

GNC5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-5222

Guaranty Bank - Branch Location5610 N. Bayshore Drive(800) 235-4636

Gymboree5684 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 961-7268

H&M5675 N. Bayshore Drive(855) HNM-SHOP

Hot Mama5754 N Bayshore Dr. (414) 963-6277

Icing5727 N Center Parkway (414) 332-2923

iPic Theaters5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-8779

J. Crew5711 N. Centerpark Way(414) 962-3097

J.Jill5687 N. Centerpark Way(414) 332-3082

Journey’s5788 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-6379

Journey’s Kidz 5768 North Bayshore Drive(414) 906-1986

J-Shore5800 N Bayshore Dr (414) 967-8200

Justice485 W. Glen Bay Avenue(414) 961-2110

Kay Jewelers5758 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-3629

Kohl's5650 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 961-0909

La Coppa Gelato 5675 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 763-8582

LA Fitness501 W. Northshore Drive(414) 332-2886

Lady Foot Locker5690 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 962-4579

Lane Bryant Cacique5664 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 203-2124

Lenscrafters5794 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-7764

LensCrafters Optique5684 N. Centerpark Way(414) 962-2021

Lids5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 962-4751

Lise & Kato's5800 N Bayshore Drive(414) 964-6768

Loft5707 N. Centerpark Way(414) 967-0475

Ly Ly Nails480 W. Silver Spring Drive(414) 332-2776

Ma Jolie5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 961-8210

Magical Nails5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-8799

Mattress Firm400 West Silver Spring Drive(414) 967-3656

Men's Wearhouse and Tux385 W. Fountainview Drive(414) 963-0303

Name of the Game5800 N. Bayshore Drive Suite Q139(414) 906-1677

Neroli Salon & Spa5714 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 227-2888

New York & Company5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-0042

North Shore Bank5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-1664

Orvis585 West Glen Bay Ave.(414) 963-8709

Panda Express 5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-7996

Paper Source555 W. Northshore Drive(414) 847-1802

Payless Shoe Source5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 906-0623

Pinstrikes5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-8779

Potbelly Sandwich Works5725 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-9032

Qdoba Mexican Grill510 W. Silver Spring Drive(414) 431-1913

Quick Fix It5800 N. Bayshore Drive Suite Q133(414) 961-9999

Ragman 5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 332-7247

Regis Salon5724 N. Centerpark Way(414) 963-8799

Relax the Back410 W. Silver Spring Drive(414) 967-2225

Rockport5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-9382

Rocky Rococo5800 N Bayshore Drive(414) 332-6070

Salt Sports Bar5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-8779

Sears5900 N. Port Washington Road (414) 961-5151

Sears Optical5900 N. Port Washington Road(414) 961-5140

Shaw's Jewelers5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-8814

Sleep Number Beds and Mattresses5680 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 964-5311

Soma Intimates445 W. Northshore Drive(414) 962-3317

Specs Appeal420 W. Silver Spring Drive(414) 962-2020

Sports Authority5850 N. Bayshore Dr.(414) 967-4764

Sports Plus5800 N Bayshore Dr. Suite A106(414) 231-9491

Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub5689 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 292-0600

Stride Rite5694 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-0275

Subway5800 N Bayshore Drive(414) 967-1746

Sunglass Hut490 W. Northshore Drive(414) 332-2126

Sur la Table480 W. Northshore Drive(414) 332-2037

Swarovski5710 N. Centerpark Way(414) 967-9176

T -Mobile436 W. Silver Spring Drive(414) 967-0061

Talbots5695 N. Centerpark Way(414) 962-6488

Teavana5694 N Centerpark Way(414) 967-7320

The Walking Company5732 N. Centerpark Way (414) 967-8820

Torrid5676 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 229-9100

Trader Joe's5600 N. Port Washington Road(414) 962-3382

U.S. Bank5888 N. Port Washington Road(414) 332-7030

U.S. Cellular575 W. Northshore Drive(414) 906-1587

ULTA Beauty 5658 N. Bayshore Drive (414) 332-3150

Vera Bradley5706 N. Centerpark Way(414) 963-9013

Verizon Wireless5790 N. Port Washington Road(414) 967-5622

VICI Beauty School5780 N Port Washington Road(414) 967-2000

VICI Capilli Salon5780 N. Port Washington Rd(414) 967-7400

Victoria's Secret5701 N. Centerpark Way(414) 962-0952

Village Shoppe5800 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-8563

Vitamin World440 W. Northshore Drive(414) 906-1729

White House Black Market5683 N. Centerpark Way(414) 961-5455

Yankee Candle5681 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 967-9870

Zales5720 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 831-2200

Zumiez5745 N. Bayshore Drive(414) 963-8715

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